We strive to create a healthy
and liveable environment
leading to higher quality of life

9 reasons to choose us

  • TRANSPARENCY - automated, easy-to-audit and regularly monitored processes
  • SINGLE-GATE SYSTEM - operative contacting through a single person
  • MANAGEMENT SUPPORT - regarding contracts and process optimization
  • PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT - in technical tasks
  • QUALITY OF HUMAN RESOURCES - for each work we handpick the most qualified and most motivated staff member, primarily from the professionals employed by us
  • CONSISTENCY OF HUMAN RESOURCES - we insist on retaining our tried-and-tested staff, which results in low fluctuation
  • MOBILE WORKGROUPS - increase the efficiency of our caretakers and technicians
  • SPECIALIZED ENGINEERING SUPPORT - for the performance of specific engineering tasks
  • REGULARIZED SERVICE TEAM - supports our activities through our partners and subcontractors

Facility and property management business readings selected by B+N

We are the experts of facility management. It's essential for us to keep our professional knowledge up to date, to know the trends and directions of our industry, so that we can be the first to integrate them into our operations.

As the leading facility management company in Central and Eastern Europe, our aim is to share this knowledge with our clients, which is why we have created our English-language news portal, fmnewsroom.com.

On this site we sum up best business readings for you. In the FM INDUSTRY NEWS column, we write about players of the FM and PM industry and the market-transforming tendencies. You can find news on our corporate life by visiting B+N CORPORATE NEWS menu. Under PERSPECTIVES you will find news on research-and-development innovations, for trends shaping the future of facilities management and the real estate sector click on TRENDS & REPORTS.

Customer focus above all

With the help of our highly qualified professional staff and certified subcontractors we will find a solution to every possible problem.

Tailor-made solutions

Every workplace is different, there are no 2 identical teams, every building is unique – there are no 2 similar assignments. Our experts will make sure every important detail makes its way into the work plan.

Transparent processes

The system of our work processes as well as our financial, legal and quality control compliance is fully traceable for all our customers.

Honest work

We satisfy our contractual obligations in time, precisely, to the best of our knowledge and in an accountable manner. – This way our customers can rest assured and focus on their main field of expertise.


Environmental protection is a priority for us, therefore our goal is to support the environmentally conscious aspirations of our customers.


23660 Co-workers
491 M Eur Revenue
17000 Locations managed
30M M Square meters
8 Countries

Awards and accolades

ISSA- Miniskills

ICU Hospital
cleaning: 1st place

ISSA- Miniskills

crystallization: 1st place


and cleaning
specialist: 3rd place


specialist: 1st place


Team effort: 1st place

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