BIM-based Facility Management – Property Investment Forum 2022

The Property Investment Forum really stands out from the other Portfolio conferences and, over the years, it has grown to be the most important event of the property sector in Hungary. The topicality of the conference recently organized in Budapest is highlighted by the fact that there are a lot of questions and risks in the property market due to the pandemic and the war, and solutions must be found. The presentations covered a number of topics from investments, developments, financing and home office to facility management, the hotel industry and logistics. Without doubt, one of the most exciting questions with a potential to shape the future of the sector is digitalization.

An illustrious ‘product’ of this, i.e. the BIM-based digitalized facility management was presented by Gábor Jakubik, Director of Corporate Sales at B+N Referencia Zrt. and Tamás Kubicsek, Head of the Sustainability Software Unit at IBM.

What is BIM?

BIM means Building Information Modelling and this is a process which collects information and displays the characteristics of a real estate in a digital form. It is getting more and more popular among architects, engineers, building contractors, designers and developers. With BIM, the design process becomes easier and more understandable, for it shows in 3D what the building will look like.

Why is it important in facility management?

The benefit for us: property data can be connected with facility management in BIM. Here, the system is synchronized with integrated facility management software. Data acquisition within the property becomes easier using a laser scanner which can, in every second, capture millions of data that are important for facility managers.

The data obtained this way can be used for making everyday tasks – such as the booking of meeting rooms, workstations or parking spaces, cafeteria orders, fault reports or search for persons or rooms – easier.

With the help of this integrated control system, it is more convenient to manage assets, rental agreements, moving in or out, sustainability projects and maintenance.

So, BIM is a system which provides a full picture of the property portfolio during operation.