Christmas Presents Donated for Children by B+N Referencia Zrt. and Referencia Mosodák Zrt.

B+N Referencia Zrt. and Referencia Mosodák Zrt. will make Christmas unforgettable for several thousand children. The leading facility management and the textile management companies are donating 2.4 tons of Christmas fondant candies to the little patients being treated at the children’s wards of hospitals as well as children’s homes and charities supporting children.  

Christmas is a spiritually demanding period for a lot of families. Those who have never been in this situation are not even able to imagine how it feels when the apple of the family’s eyes, i.e. the child does not have the chance to enjoy gifts under the Christmas tree because they have to spend the holidays bedridden, away from their parents and siblings.

Unfortunately, nobody can replace their beloved ones and the warmth of the home. However, even small gestures can mean a lot for them in this difficult situation. Gifts that express love and caring can bring a few hours of ease and happiness.

As a result, the managements of the two companies have decided to donate the Christmas fondant candies originally intended for their customers to children this year. The staff of B+N Referencia Zrt. and Referencia Mosodák Zrt. will take the packages to the children’s wards of the following hospitals until the middle of December:

In Budapest

Saint John’s Hospital, South Pest Central Hospital, Gottsegen György National Cardiovascular Institute, National Institute of Menthal Health, Neurology and Neurosurgery, Semmelweis University.

In the country

Children’s Clinic of the University of Szeged, University of Pécs, Paediatrics Clinic, Central Hospital of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County (Miskolc), Kenézy Gyula University Hospital in Debrecen, Hetényi Géza Hospital and Policlinic of Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County (Szolnok), Markusovszky Hospital (Szombathely), Dr. Kenessey Albert Hospital (Balassagyarmat),  Jávorszky Ödön Municipal Hospital (Vác), Bács-Kiskun County Hospital (Kecskemét).

The children’s and their carers’ reactions are really heart-warming and touching. As Mónika Miszlai, the manageress of the Démétér House operating in the South Pest Central Hospital says: “With Christmas fondant candies, we also heal the children’s soul, which is especially important during the holidays!”

Ferenc Kis-Szölgyémi: “Naturally, it is always the children who are at the focus of our support activities in the Christmas period.”

“There are a lot of families where there is nothing under the Christmas tree, so every donation is really precious for them. Some of the children have never seen chocolate or Christmas fondant candies before” – said Eszter Berecz-Babus, the head nurse of the Children’s Ward of Saint John’s Hospital.

Ferenc Kis-Szölgyémi, CEO of B+N Referencia Zrt. added: “Our company supports a number of foundations during the year. Naturally, it is always the children who are at the focus of our support activities in the Christmas period.”

Besides hospitals, B+N Referencia Zrt. and Referencia Mosodák Zrt. donate Christmas fondant candies to several foundations for children and children’s homes. Our donation of a total of 2.4 tons will make Christmas merrier for 3,000 ill or poverty-stricken children.