Construction Industry 2022 conference: the sustainability of buildings is becoming more and more important

In 2022, the ‘Construction Industry 2022’ conference, the exclusive event of the Hungarian construction industry, has been organised for the fourth time by Porfolio in Budapest. B+N Referencia Zrt. was represented by Fit-out Director Péter Puskás.

About the conference

The efficiency of the construction industry is determined not only by the projects carried out in the expected quality and on a timely manner but also by a number of factors, including the wider economic environment, innovation, the regulatory environment, the availability and allocation of EU funds or state-governed development projects. Like in many other industries, labour shortage, the price and availability of raw materials and supply chain issues are serious problems here as well.

The potentials of digitalisation and innovation

Besides hardships, the participants highlighted challenges as well: the potentials of digitalisation and innovation, environmental-consciousness, engineering and technological inventions and industry trends.


In one of the most interesting panel discussions titled “Fit-out – new clothes on an old frame, the secret to sustainability” , Fit-out Director Péter Puskás said that the employees of B+N Referencia Zrt. had carried out energy efficiency and aesthetic improvements in 200 buildings of 17 hospitals in Budapest within 546 days during the 2 million working hours of the hospital renovation project. For comparison, he mentioned that the construction of such volume would have taken 8 years. He also stressed out that the hospitals had been normally operating and patient care had been as usual in the course of the renovation, in the middle of the Covid pandemic. The costs of energy efficiency improvements will pay off within 4 to 5 years and hospital can save 30% on an annual basis. Regarding environmental protection, he emphasized: the sustainability of buildings is becoming more and more important both for tenants and owners, so attention must be paid also to them in the course of construction or renovation.

According to Péter Puskás, the greatest challenge of the present situation is to keep the costs agreed on. In the past 2 years, it has been really difficult to obtain the necessary materials. In implementation, one of the most critical points is to ensure that enough time is given by tenants and owners to the preparations of the investment project.

Photo: Portfolio