“Creating Better Places” at the Polish Subsidiary of B+N

One of the leading conferences of the Polish FM sector has recently taken place in Warsaw. The presentations of the event organised by the Polish Facility Management Council under the title “Creating Better Places” touched upon topics and issues considered the most important currently. The managers of INWEMER, the Polish subsidiary of B+N Referencia Zrt. also took part in the conference.

The main topics: the new trends of the property market, hybrid work models, redefining the office, sustainability, environmental protection, the cleaning and technical maintenance of properties.

The return of employees to offices has made us think about what rooms are the most highly appreciated by employees and what buildings will make ‘a good place for happy communities’.

The experts at the conference pointed out that one of the definite trends of the office market is the growing demand for modern, well-maintained office spaces.

The Market of Polish FM Services

This was the event where the Polish Facility Management Council first presented the findings of their research titled “The Market of Polish FM Services”. This made it clear that despite the restrictions and difficulties caused by Covid, the FM sector has been growing and the market value of FM services in Poland has been increasing.

One of the key topics of the conference was the ESG report which, in accordance with the relevant EU directive, will be obligatory for the financial sector.