Robin: b+n referencia zrt. has introduced its in-house developed cleaning robot

Following ICA, it will be ROBIN’s turn to dominate the market, and by a huge margin. B+N Referencia Zrt. is deploying 20 new in-house developed cleaning robots in several domestic public buildings as well as in Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport, announced the Hungary’s leading facility management company during Wednesday’s press conference.

“We have spent hundreds of millions of forints on the development of our cleaning robot called ROBIN, but it is not the device we are selling, it is the service’, said Csaba Szij, Deputy CEO of B+N Referencia Zrt. to

The robot’s hardware is manufactured by an Italian company, the Hungarian branch is contributing with its engineering, technical and IT know-how.  The controlling program will be applied in other fields, among others in health care.

As one of the key players in the Hungarian property management market (5 million m2 cleaned, 4500 employers), B+N developed its robot in 2 years, using only its own resources. The first version went by the name LACI, followed by ICA (Integrated Cleaning Assistant), whereas the latest version is called ROBIN. The current fleet is expected to be extended by 20 items at a time.

The first new in-house developed robots will be deployed in Honvéd Hospital, Groupama Aréna and Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport this year. The management, loading and checking of the robot is expected to take up a maximum of 20-30% of the operating crew’s work time, which will result in increased efficiency’, said Mr Szij.

‘The robot is most suitable for the cleaning of large areas (min. 300 m2) like airport terminals and hospital corridors. It can clean up about 1500 m2 in one shift, planning its route independently based on the previously made cleaning site map. Its unique control system helps it evade unexpected obstacles, remembers and returns to missed areas and automatically keeps a record of the work processes’, wrote