Salarify Pay to Be Launched at B+N Referencia Zrt.

B+N will use an innovative solution in the earned wage access market. B+N Referencia Zrt., the leading facility management company of Central and Eastern Europe is going to be the first in the FM sector to introduce Salarify Pay, a solution developed by Swipe Technologies Kft., in July 2022.   

In terms of employee numbers, B+N is the largest user of this system in Hungary. With the help of this application, employees can have access to a part of their already earned wage during the month; as a result, they can adjust wage payment days to their own wallet; and all this in a simple way, via an application.

Flexible salary

In a competitive sector like facility management, employee benefits play a key role in retaining and recruiting workers. 95% of the employees using Salarify Pay prefer workplaces where flexible wage access is available. As a result of a higher financial freedom and customised solutions, the financial stress on employees will be significantly lower, resulting in increasing efficiency and loyalty.

The breakthrough application of Salarify Pay measures the hours worked and the related pay on a daily basis, as a result, the wages provided by the employer are available to the employees at any time on a weekly level. This is the most optimal solution in case of unforeseen expenses or at the end of a month. By using this, users can decide if they want to change to a weekly or bi-weekly payment of their wages.

Gábor Pallag (B+N Referencia Zrt., HR Director): It is important to be an attractive employer

“In today’s world, it is a great challenge for every company to attract and retain employees. For us, it is top priority to continue to become an attractive employer both for our staff and our potential employees. By using this application, we can increase our employees’ satisfaction and decrease fluctuation. This is another reason, besides several other procedures facilitating the achievement of this purpose, why we decided to conclude a contract with Raiffeisen Bank and Salarify” – said Gábor Pallag, HR Director of B+N Referencia Zrt. He added: “The application is connected with the payroll accounting system of our company; as a result, we can monitor the amount of money available to our employees on a daily basis.”

This service is provided to the employees by the company; as a result, the company pays for the service. All the data are encrypted and no third parties can have access to them. Salarify Pay is easily accessible for employees: they can use the application right after the registration.

Bence Radák (Swipe, Managing Director): We can promote the financial wellbeing of employees in Hungary with the help of a new tool

“We are really happy that B+N, as one of the top employers in Hungary, is joining the Salarify Pay platform. As an innovative company, not only do they drive the development of the FM sector but they also promote the financial wellbeing of their employees in Hungary with a new tool. Furthermore, we thank Raiffeisen Bank for making our solution even more elegant with the help of the Raiffeisen Pay API” – said Bence Radák, the Managing Director of Swipe, about the cooperation.

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