The professional and detailed analysis of data is the greatest challenge of the near future

Vienna was once more the host city for the leading property market conference of the region. The event organized in several sections and featuring more than 80 speakers provided a comprehensive analysis of this sector of the industry: besides experts engaged in facility management, investors, developers, bankers and sales executives discussed current topics and outlined the most important trends of the future. The most significant message of the conference in one sentence: “everything is changing”.

The participants of the round table discussion on the future of facility management and the utilization of data agreed that ‘the future is already the present in many cases’.

B+N Referencia Zrt. was represented by Libor Holik, CEO of the Czech and Slovakian subsidiary of the company in one of the most popular panel discussions. As our expert sees it, COVID and energy management have been and will be the greatest challenges of the past few years and the near future. The latter is changing day by day, which is an enormous challenge for the FM sector.

In many cases, customers have no idea what the huge amount of incoming data could be used for

Therefore, with regard to the topic of the panel discussion, it is of utmost importance that the companies should maximize energy efficiency on the basis of the analysis of the incoming data. The first step is to define what they wish to measure. The most basic data include information, such as vehicle traffic or the availability of meeting rooms in office buildings, however, in industrial facilities, you can find thousands of built-in IoT and other sensors. The problem is that customers, in many cases, have no idea what the huge amount of incoming data and information could be used for. This is where facility managers come into the picture: they provide assistance, in many cases with the involvement of subcontractors, in data analysis and utilization and propose customers complex solutions. This service is especially accentuated in the present situation characterized by global uncertainty.

Libor Holik, B+N

“A lot of companies do not even know what type of and how many data supply devices they have. Therefore, the first step for facility managers is often to take stock of and identify them. I am convinced that the acquisition and the professional, detailed analysis of data are the greatest challenges of the near future and the most important tasks for companies. Our sector can provide the greatest help for them in achieving this” – said Libor Holik, finishing his speech.

Photo: CEE Property Forum