Robin in the Robot Arena in Amsterdam

Interclean Amsterdam is one of the world’s largest cleaning industrial fairs and conferences for professionals, where the most prestigious players of the cleaning and hygiene industry take part. The Innovation Lab, the Robot Arena and the Zero Waste Dome bring the latest innovative solutions, trends and developments into the limelight.

The profession now shares the view that the digitization revolution is gaining strength in the facility management industry and cleaning robots play a key role in this.

It is not accidental that professionals at this trade fair were so keen about Robin, the autonomous cleaning robot developed by the R&D team of B+N Referencia Zrt. This popular and good-looking equipment ‘took a tour’ every one and a half hours in the Robot Arena created for this purpose under the attention of a great number of visitors.

The Hungarian cleaning robot is unparalleled

Péter Zalka, the head of the company’s R&D Department says that Robin is considered to be unique even among the top class robots of this trade fair because, in contrast to the other equipment, it maps its own cleaning path, which means that it offers a completely universal solution.

For B+N, business networking is a key benefit of taking part in this trade fair, besides introducing Robin to the public. As Péter Zalka puts it: it is the manufacturers of equipment parts and accessories that are important for them in the first place and, as a result, can become prominent partners in the future. There were several companies at the fair showing interest in cooperation in the field of robotized cleaning.