This is what it looks like when thousands of bed linens are waiting to be washed

We have all saluted the heroic efforts of health care workers, but for the safe working of a hospital there are other essential tasks to be carried out too, said on the increased importance of the employees working for Referencia Mosodák Zrt.

Every cloud has a silver lining

In the current situation for example some jobs have become so valuable that we look at people catering for our everyday needs  as heroes. It is astonishing how many people need to work in close cooperation for the sake of our basic comfort. And during the pandemic, the cleanliness of hospitals is even more important. Beside health care workers, there are many people who work a lot so that patients have a standing chance for recovery.

Referencia Mosodák Zrt. runs hygienic laundry services in 8 cities of Hungary: Vác, Miskolc, Nyíregyháza, Debrecen, Szolnok, Szeged, Baja and Székesfehérvár. As a result of their hard work, 10 hospitals in Budapest and 33 in the countryside always have clean, hygienic bed linens and in many cases these people are responsible for the cleanliness of the workwear of the local health care staff too.

B+N vedd észre - Referencia Mosodák Zrt.

But how does a hygienic laundry service actually work ?

They undertake to collect the laundry from hospitals every day and transport it to the laundry service, where they will clean them according to strict hygienic regulations. This means the washing, “ironing”, folding and delivery of about 1 million kg of hospital textile every month. On a daily basis this requires a total of 62 trucks every day, covering a distance of as much as 11500 km. Not only do our drivers drive, they are the ones receiving and loading the dirty laundry, often getting in contact with it.

‘Currently, there are 645 people taking up work in Referencia Mosodák Zrt. every day, for us too. They have already got used to having to work in protective gear, fighting viruses, germs and stain. Try to imagine what they might encounter while managing the hospital laundry… This is their everyday work and not only during the pandemic. They treat laundry in a closed system with exactly determined industrial detergents and washing machines so that  the textiles get back as clean as new’, says

We need them more than ever

‘Our cleaners know their work is important and we need them more than ever’, said Dániel Muravölgyi, CEO of the company, and added: ‘We are proud of them for standing their ground even in these most difficult of times! In order to ensure their safety,  we not only provide them with protective equipment, but we carry out ozone disinfection in the plants every week and, using a Hungarian technology ensuring germ-free conditions for 1 year, we apply surface treatment on the critical equipment, tools and public areas. Managers of the laundry network have already looked at our workers as heroes but we are working day-by-day to further improve their work conditions and this way make them feel our appreciation.’