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Cleaners cannot stay home –

Although the prestige of the cleaning profession is low, it is a fact of life that we cannot live without the work of cleaners, especially during the pandemic when their role is gaining more weight. Keeping, among others, the office area clean is a serious task, especially during the pandemic, yet, their efforts mostly go unnoticed.

In order to make a difference, Hungary’s biggest facility management and cleaning company, B+N Referencia Zrt. launched its campaign titled “Look around and see!” The labour shortage and fluctuation the cleaning sector is struggling with are not only the internal problems of the industry since public reputation has a significant effect on them. According to a survey conducted by the Hungarian Central Statistical Office, cleaning is among the 10 lowest prestige occupations. It ranked 163rd coming ahead of only road sweepers, garbage collectors, leaflet distributors and unskilled workers. This is unfair, especially in light of the current circumstances, in which cleaners – just like trainmen, nurses and doctors, – are deployed in the frontline. Because of the coronavirus their work is more important than ever. They cannot stay home, since this a day-to-day job, which is crucial to be carried out reliably, especially during an epidemic.